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The ingenuity hidden in each cannabis packaging is to meet you

People's aesthetic requirements will be reflected in all aspects of life. I often meet people who say "the packaging is very good, very high-end" after shopping. The "good" here not only refers to the visual beauty, but also reveals a kind of Brand favorability and trust value .

High-quality packaging is really important. It is like the first meeting between a product and a customer. It is mixed with various emotional connections such as the establishment of goodwill and trust. Everything from the logo to the packaging will affect the shopping experience of potential buyers. .

What is the role of product packaging?

1. Protect the product from being damaged by extrusion, collision, direct sunlight and other factors; 

2. It is convenient for storage and transportation, increasing the transportation volume and reducing the transportation cost;

3. Convey product personality and corporate cultural orientation, and highlight brand characteristics; 

4. Increase consumers' shopping desire and curiosity, promote consumption, and bring better benefits to businesses.

cannabis packaging

As the industrial hemp market heats up rapidly, hemp growers and retailers are joining the burgeoning hemp packaging market . It is hoped that this will allow the industrial hemp consumer market to achieve faster growth and allow a wider public to accept and use industrial hemp.

In addition to being attractive and safe for children, hemp bags must also protect items from damage and guarantee a shelf life. The ideal industrial hemp packaging is strong, tamper-proof, and an effective barrier against moisture, UV rays, and other contaminants. In particular: "anti-odor", packaging that can prevent odor is the most popular among consumers.

cannabis packaging

Besides, what is special about industrial hemp bags? Look down with me.

1. Types of industrial hemp packaging: flexible packaging and rigid packaging

Industrial hemp packaging options fall into two categories, flexible and rigid. Sturdy packaging (eg glass, metal or plastic) etc. that protects the product well and can be reused. On the other hand, flexible packaging bags are also a flexible option, making bags designed for industrial hemp products less prone to tearing or puncturing, less expensive than most rigid materials, taking up less storage space and reducing shipping costs. And even though these bags are not recyclable, they are usually biodegradable, which increases environmental friendliness on the other hand.

cannabis packaging

2. Industrial hemp packaging bags by product type:

Industrial Hemp Preroll :

cannabis packaging

The hemp roll front wrap prevents damage to the splice, seals out odors, and is highly portable. The most popular hemp roll wraps are individual deodorant pop-top tubes, pre-rolls are also great for kid-proofing.

Industrial hemp concentrate

cannabis packaging

Child-safe glass, silicone, acrylic or polystyrene jars are ideal packaging for most hemp concentrates. The container with rounded corners ensures that the concentrate inside is not easily damaged and spilled.

industrial hemp flower

cannabis packaging

Top hemp flower packaging should be in odor-proof bags or child-resistant glass tubes or jars. Since flowers can be particularly pungent and can be easily damaged by exposure to air, a tightly-sealed, resealable tube is especially important.

Vape Pens & Cartridges

cannabis packaging

Child-resistant, with a variety of customization options. Blister (flip-top) packaging is a durable, cost-effective, and efficient housing option for vape pens, cartridges, and other e-liquid products that sets vape cartridges apart

Medical Marijuana Products

cannabis packaging

Medical marijuana products: Medical marijuana packaging for products such as CBD oils, tinctures, softgels, and topical creams tends to be similar to conventional medical products. Prescribing plastic or glass tubes or jars are ideal for gel caps.

out of pocket

cannabis packaging

The bag in which hemp products leave the dispensary after purchase - is an important part of dispensary packaging. The pharmacy outlet pocket is designed to be child-resistant, sealable and opaque. This extra measure makes pharmacy product purchases appear cautious and makes them less attractive to minors.

3. Safety for children:

CBD candy

Requirements for packaging boxes that prevent children from opening: 1. It is difficult to open, so put it in a container that is not easy for children to open; 2. The packaging should not be exposed transparently, especially for biscuits and candies that attract children; 3. Avoid lively colors to attract children or teenagers, so as to avoid ingestion.

4. Sustainable development of industrial hemp packaging bags:

cannabis packaging

Use sustainable, eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. This will make environmentally conscious consumers more willing to buy (for example, using materials such as wood, reusable glass or recycled cardboard). The most popular sustainable packaging materials currently include the following:

Glass: One of the easiest materials to recycle, with reusable appeal. High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE): BPA free, does not leach chemicals into the soil, accepts recycling. Polypropylene plastic: recyclable, lightweight, safe and naturally mold-resistant.

5. The cost of industrial hemp bags:

cannabis packaging

It depends on whether you are buying in bulk, or in special limited-edition packaging. Usually, bulk buying is the cheapest, while bags imported from China are the most cost-effective. Some hemp packaging companies offer free or discounted shipping promotions. .

6. Appearance and brand.

cannabis packaging

This need not go into details. Generally speaking, the appearance design and brand concept can directly affect consumers' following degree of products. Most legal hemp brands have moved away from the clichéd “mason” image (such as huge potted leaves or dull colorways) and some brands have come across as unique in packaging, either minimal or extravagant, but in a way that’s clearly visible to the naked eye. Look made of high quality materials. The medical marijuana packaging uses the consistent simplicity and rigor as the design elements, which well reflects the role of medical marijuana in healing, which makes people feel at ease.

There is no attraction in the world that does not require attention. Just like the various packagings of industrial hemp are designed to attract all kinds of people in the world, there is a unique ingenuity hidden behind it, and each ingenuity is exclusive to you. Rejoice for all the wonderful encounters in this world.

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