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How to Light A Pre Roll Joint Without A Lighter

Theoretically, any heat source above 600 ℃ can be used to light pre roll joints. Here are 20 ways to help you. Please note that these methods contain potential dangers. Please be careful!

Method 1: Put a pot on the induction cooker, put cotton or paper towels in the pot, and then heat it.


Method 2: Open bathroom master and find a magnifying glass (presbyopia should also be OK)

bathroom master

Method 3. Wrap the bathroom master lamp bulb with paper towel, turn on the maximum power, etc.

Method 4. Find a section of fuse, hold it with a paper towel outside, and expose both ends of the fuse, and then check the two sockets of the socket respectively. (If the fuse is not good, it can be changed into thin copper wire and iron wire, which should be longer)


Method 5. Use iron wire or copper wire to make a cigarette lighter, and take 5V electricity from the computer.

Method 6. If you are not afraid of fire baking, you can use the method in Method 1. Instead of cotton or paper towels, you can directly smoke cigarettes into the pot.

Method 7. Cut the tin foil into two sections wide and narrow in the middle. Next, you need a battery. This is too common. Find one at random and hold the positive and negative electrodes of the battery with the foil side.


Method 8. Use matches.


Method 9. Borrow the joint lit by others. To light your own joint against another's joint.

Borrow the joint lit by others. To light your own joint against another's joint.

Method 10. Use a magnifying glass. If the sunlight is sufficient, carry a magnifying glass, and you can light pre roll joint in 10 minutes.

magnifying glass

Method 11. Drilling wood to make fire.

Drilling wood to make fire

Method 12. Firestone ignition.

Firestone ignition

Method 13. Brass mirror placed in the sun to generate enough heat to ignite joint.

Brass mirror

Method 14. HUO ZHE ZI (The Flame Stick — A Primitive Chinese Lighter).


Method 15. Look for places with incense sticks and light them with incense sticks.

 joss sticks

Method 16. The cigarette lighter.

The cigarette lighter

Method 17. Flamethrower.


Method 18. Barbecue coal

Barbecue coal

Method 19. When the last joint is about to extinguish, take one and replace it.

Light a cigarette with a cigarette

Method 20. Let others light your joint

Let others light your joint

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