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Knowledge points about the labeling of CBD products

CBD needs to interact with the body's endocannabinoid system in order to work, so it needs to be absorbed into your bloodstream and transported there. This is the so-called bioavailability (Bioavailability), the higher the bioavailability, the stronger the activity.

When taken alone, CBD has a very low bioavailability, averaging 6%-19% (3). This is because it is fat-soluble and dissolves in fat rather than water-soluble, so our bodies find it harder to absorb.

CBD products

Common uses of CBD 


Using e-cigarettes to inhale CBD, the atomized CBD molecules are more easily absorbed by the body.

Advantages: Can enter the bloodstream quickly, has a higher bioavailability than when CBD is taken orally , and the bioavailability is about 31% (according to research) .

CBD oil

The most common product category on the market today.

Pros: Because CBD dissolves in fat, putting CBD in oil helps with absorption. This increases bioavailability, and the best way to increase bioavailability further is to keep CBD under your tongue for a period of time. This means that the oil doesn't pass through your gut and liver, so more oil is absorbed into your bloodstream at a faster rate.


As mentioned earlier, fat-free CBD is far less effective than fat- or oil-containing CBD . So if you want to drink high dose CBD tea ( or any watery CBD drink ) it is not the best way to take it. Now there are some advanced technologies that can make CBD dissolve in water, which are some of the water-soluble CBD products on the market.


Advantages: good taste, easy to eat, easy to carry.

But there are only small doses of CBD in sugar , and CBD has to pass through the digestive system and liver to be absorbed.

Capsule health products

Benefits: Encapsulated CBD oil for maximum absorption.

They are also as easy to eat as fudge, but they have the same problems as fudge. They can only provide small doses of CBD , and they also have to pass through the digestive system, so CBD will inevitably reduce some of the absorption rate.

Topical creams and transdermal patches

Advantages: Avoid potential side effects, comfortable to use, suitable for people with chronic diseases. It can relieve pain in a specific area.

How to read the label? How many milligrams of CBD is best? What does the 99.9% marked above mean?

99.9%: Refers to the purity of the added CBD used, representing the highest level of purity used. High purity does not mean high CBD ml per mask or bottle. The correct method should be to calculate the CBD concentration.

GMP:  GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It requires enterprises to meet the hygienic quality requirements in accordance with relevant national regulations in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, and quality control, and form a set of operable The operating specifications help enterprises to improve the sanitary environment of the enterprise, find out the problems existing in the production process in time, and improve them. Briefly, GMP requires that pharmaceutical, food and other production enterprises should have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict testing system to ensure that the quality of final products (including food safety and hygiene, etc.) meets regulatory requirements.

CO2 extraction: Because the extraction method is currently the carbon dioxide extraction method, the extracted CBD is higher in purity and will not have some solvent residues like the CBD extracted by the solvent extraction method.

Lab test (third-party laboratory testing): It is of course more reassuring to have relevant test reports.

(These words also apply to other products that choose CBD at home and abroad, preferably the soil also has organic certification)

So seeing the above words proves that the product purchased is ok.

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