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New York Released A Retail Cannabis Dispensaries Guidelines On October 28, 2022

NEW YORK (WRGB) -- In the next step toward legal adult use of cannabis, the Office of the Cannabis Administration released guidelines on Friday for those seeking to sell product licenses.

This guide lists the conditions required to obtain a conditional adult use of retail pharmacy (CAURD) license.

They include key record keeping requirements and define such terms as "attractive to individuals under the age of 21", "brand" or "brand", "community facilities" and others, as well as requirements for staffing, training and business hours.

They also list where the licensee can purchase the products to be sold and what types of products can be sold in pharmacies. These products include:

  • Cannabis products obtained from distributors;

  • Cannabinoid hemp products (if licensed);

  • Cannabis utensils;

  • Stationery, gifts and other incidental expenses

  • Branded goods and clothing including jewelry and accessories (adult size only) of Licensee's brand; and

  • Handle other approved matters.

It also lists the guidance for actual sales, including internal, delivery and even delivery requirements.

The pharmacy cannot be on the same street or within 500 feet of the school site, nor can it be on the same street or within 200 feet of a building dedicated to the church.

Read the complete guide here.

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