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Requirements for Font Design of Cannabis Packaging Boxes

1. Highlight the characteristics of the goods

Excellent packaging attaches great importance to the design of words, and even forms a picture entirely from the change of words, which clearly highlights the brand and function of goods, and attracts consumers with its unique visual effect. The font design on the package should be combined with the material characteristics of the goods. When selecting fonts and setting font changes, attention should be paid to the compatibility between the character of the fonts and the characteristics of the goods, so as to achieve a harmony, so as to convey the information of the goods more vividly and flexibly.

2. Strengthen the appeal of words

The history of writing has a long history. After years of tempering and carving, the font itself has already possessed image beauty and aesthetic value. If the words on the package are based on the expression of the characteristics of the goods, they should also be artistically designed and produced. On the premise of conforming to the characteristics of the goods, the designed font should have a distinct personality, a sense of form and an aesthetic feeling. Words are inanimate things in themselves. When designers endow the packaging with rich emotions, it has a life like songs and intelligent spirituality.

In addition, all kinds of characters on the packaging should be explored from the morphological characteristics and combination and arrangement of characters, constantly revised, and repeatedly refined. Only in this way can we create personalized characters, so that their external forms and design styles can arouse people's aesthetic pleasure. Strengthening the appeal of words can effectively touch the aesthetic complex of consumers and stimulate potential purchase motivation.

3. Pay attention to character recognition

In order to improve the intuitiveness of packaging information, it is often necessary to use different ways of expression to deal with the changes of decoration and beautification in font design. However, this change decoration should be based on the standard font, beautify the font according to the specific needs, and do not tamper with the basic form of the text. In addition, the text on the package must pay attention to the application size of the font to ensure that it can be recognized in a relatively short time.

4. Grasp the coordination of fonts

In order to enrich the picture effect of packaging, sometimes fonts of different sizes are used, so the matching and coordination of font design is particularly important. The font in the package should not be used too much, otherwise it will give people a feeling of disorder. Generally speaking, it is better to use about three kinds of fonts, and the frequency of use of each font should also be distinguished so as to highlight the key points. When Chinese characters and Latin letters are combined, it is necessary to find out the corresponding relationship between the two fonts, so that they can get a sense of unity in the same picture. Of course, the size and position of fonts can not be ignored. We should not only compare them, but also unify them. We should start from the whole and grasp the mutual coordination between fonts.

Font Design of Cannabis Packaging Boxes

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