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6 Tips for Packaging Design of Cannabis Products

For marijuana brands, the first impression of customers is very important. When shopping online, the first contact between customers and a brand is usually to open the package for them. Cannabis product packaging is a good opportunity for the brand to gain a good impression and enhance the brand image.

Damaged or low-quality hemp packaging will send a bad message, while beautiful and interesting packaging design can improve customer loyalty. But many novice marijuana merchants do not know how to do a good job in product packaging design. It doesn't matter. After reading this article, you will understand!

Packaging Design of Cannabis Products

1. What's the use of packaging hemp products?

Cannabis product packaging is the visual experience of consumers on products, the direct and main transmitter of product personality, and the direct expression of corporate image positioning. Good hemp packaging design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. The product packaging design with accurate strategic positioning and in line with consumers' psychology can obviously leave a deeper impression on customers.

According to the survey on cannabis packaging released by Dotcom Distribution, one third of 524 online shoppers said that the product packaging of the order would affect their views on the brand. This shows the importance of product packaging.

Cannabis packaging design has the marketing function of establishing brand awareness, that is, using packaging design to present brand information, establish brand identity, so that consumers know the brand name and brand attributes of goods, and then establish brand image.

2. How to Design the Packaging of Cannabis Products

(1) Explore the market competition environment

Designers all understand that before starting design, we should first understand what market this product can enter, and then go deep into the market to carry out research and understand consumers' needs and concerns, which is the basis for packaging design. Designers need to give consumers reasons to choose this product. Therefore, they need to understand the market competition environment and use differentiation strategies to promote brands and products, especially to make differences from competing products.

(2) Try to simplify the design

Refer to Apple's design. Simplicity is beauty. At present, simplicity style is widely used in brand packaging design. Generally, too many prominent elements in the design will have a counterproductive effect, and too much content description will weaken the core brand information, thus causing consumers to lose interest in the product during the purchase process. Therefore, designers should keep the language expression and visual effect simple to ensure that the packaging design can highlight the brand.

(3) Environmental protection packaging design

This is a very popular concept in recent years. Due to the rise of environmentalism, environment-friendly packaging is increasingly favored by consumers. Sutherland Packaging abroad has proposed a technology that can help the company make full use of its e-commerce packaging. The company has developed a method of printing directly on large or small corrugated paper. This eliminates the need for lithographic labels and saves cost and time. The company said that because the direct printing on the carton is completely recyclable, it is also environmentally friendly.

Of course, environmental protection packaging is also limited. Brand packaging design cannot be "environmentally friendly for the sake of environmental protection", but must be "meticulously crafted" where it should be done exquisitely.

(4) Do not over package

You may notice an interesting trend: the more luxurious the goods transported, the less obvious the appearance of the package. This is done to not show the value contained in the box, thus enhancing the security in the delivery process and reducing the possibility of theft. In this case, there are still beautiful printed graphics and materials inside the box, which will be displayed only when the package is opened.

(5) Compliance with laws and regulations

Cannabis products are special. If you want to successfully carry out sales packaging, you must comply with local laws and regulations. If the packaging does not comply with legal requirements, no matter how good the design is, it will not work.

(6) Insert color pages and brochures

Someone has placed an order indicating that your website and products have been recognized. Why not take this opportunity to further promote yourself and develop more long-term customers? Put the product color pages and manuals in the package to let the other party know more about other valuable products.

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