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What Are The Common Methods of Carton Packaging Design

Due to the rapid improvement of the economic level, people's material needs and cultural needs are also changing. In this case, the aesthetics of the general public has been rapidly improved. The requirements for all kinds of packaging design are getting higher and higher, and a bad packaging design can even cause complaints from thousands of people on the Internet. As a necessity in daily life, carton boxes also have various designs. Since the materials used are basically corrugated cardboard, the biggest difference in design is the different methods. Then, the commonly used methods for carton packaging design are: which ones?

Packaging Design

1. Use a single sheet of corrugated cardboard and printed surface paper to make a carton

This method can make cartons with beautiful patterns, but this method increases the production cost while ensuring the high quality of the cartons. Moreover, due to the many and complicated production processes, the production cycle is much longer than that of cartons made by other methods, and a larger production site is required. The quantity is also limited each time a pattern is printed, resulting in an unstable and flexible lead time.

2. Use flexible high-glue corrugated cardboard to print patterns directly on it to make cartons

Due to the quick drying of the ink on this carton, the pattern is formed quickly, the printing is not too time-consuming, the speed is extremely fast, and the production cost is low. However, the printed pattern is not accurate and is quite different from the original painting. And because it is printed directly on the cardboard, the quality of this type of carton is poor.

3. Use micro-corrugated paper to use offset printing technology to obtain more beautiful and beautiful patterns, and then use cardboard to make cartons

This is a carton packaging design and production process that has emerged in recent years with materials and printing superimposed, and the micro-corrugated cardboard is relatively light, so the products it produces are also relatively light, but still have high strength and good quality. The patterns printed in this way are more delicate, suitable for making high-end cartons, and the production cycle is short.

4. Make the carton by pre-printing the pattern and then bonding it with corrugated cardboard.

This method can be suitable for producing medium and high-grade cartons with high appearance and high quality. Pre-printing often has exquisite patterns and will not affect the strength of corrugated paper, so it meets the requirements of medium and high-end cartons. But this method is often expensive.

Among all the methods, the fourth method is the most suitable for the production of medium and high-end cartons. People's pursuit of quality of life is often reflected in the details. A good carton packaging design is often a manifestation of people's living conditions and aesthetics. A good carton packaging design can sometimes make the carton a kind of art, and the ornamental value is far greater than the practicality.

Packaging Design

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