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What should be paid attention to in packaging design

What should be paid attention to in packaging design

When designing packaging, pay attention to these points: 1. Do not overpack; 2. Avoid false packaging; 3. Avoid packaging that has become stale. When designing the packaging design of different products, it is necessary to consider whether it is convenient to carry, and the products are not packaged according to the basic packaging requirements of the products.

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1. Do not over pack

The so-called excessive packaging means that products that could have been packed in layers of packaging materials must be packed in three or four layers of packaging materials, especially pharmaceutical packaging. The author once took a kind of medicine, which itself has been packed with capsules, and then the capsules are wrapped with plastic into a board. In fact, it is enough to pack the board of medicine into a carton, but in a The outside of the medicine is covered with a layer of plastic, and then the bag of medicine is put into a carton. The outside of the white cardboard box is laminated with a layer of plastic film. A self-adhesive trademark. There are at least 2 layers of packaging that can be saved here. Such packaging not only wastes packaging materials, but also increases the packaging time, which not only increases the price of medicines, but also increases the burden on patients. In fact, put the capsules in a plastic bottle.

2. Avoid false packaging

This kind of packaging is to pack a small product into a gift that is several times or more than ten times larger than the product in a large box. This packaging method is easier to see in the packaging of food and health products. For example, for the mid-autumn moon cakes every year, the small size of 4 to 8 moon cakes, the packaging box can be several times or ten times larger than the moon cakes, and the packaging box is becoming more and more luxurious, more and more complicated, and the patterns are constantly refurbished, so the price is much higher. More than the price of the mooncake itself. We can't help but ask, do consumers eat moon cakes or packaging boxes? Especially those exquisite paper boxes, wooden boxes, iron boxes, plastic boxes, etc., it is a pity to discard them and keep them useless, which puts consumers in a dilemma. The packaging of some health care products is even more hypocritical. For example, a few slices of ginseng are placed in the transparent window of the packaging box, and most of the space in the entire packaging box is filled or empty. It is a typical false packaging. Not only waste a large amount of packaging materials, but also take up a large amount of space for transportation and storage.

3. Avoid stale packaging

The so-called off-flavored packaging means that other products are forced into a specific product packaging box. In particular, tea, wine, tableware, decorations, etc. are stuffed into the packaging of Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes every year, making the price of a box of mooncakes reach a sky-high price of hundreds or thousands of yuan. It has played the role of compulsory consumption and matching promotion, which makes the product packaging change its taste. Contributed to the use of moon cakes for bribery, the spread of bribery.

What should be paid attention to in packaging design

1. Pay attention to the requirements of merchants

When designing packaging, designers need to focus on what the merchants have for packaging. We need to know exactly what the merchants want, and the packaging design cannot ignore the merchants' requirements. Only a design that meets the requirements of the merchant can be called a qualified design. At the same time, designers have to accept all the requirements of merchants without analyzing them, and only those reasonable requirements can be retained.

2. Focus on limitations

The limitations mentioned here refer to the limitations of space and time. Most packaging designs need to be carried out within a limited range, so the designer cannot exceed this range, and must ensure that the designed packaging is within this limit. Within the scope, for example, the proportion of the packaging space is an element to be taken into consideration. Because consumers’ preferences and choices are not static, designers must allow consumers to quickly find features through packaging design in a short period of time. If the time is too long, some variables may appear, such as packaging outdated , which will affect the sales of goods.

3. Pay attention to the content of the design

Packaging design also needs to have a certain cultural significance, which can be the current popular culture, company culture and so on. Moreover, these meanings may be expressed in a very direct image, which requires designers to make full preparations in the early stage and not to design blindly.

4. Pay attention to the proportion of the content of the entire design drawing

When the size and position of patterns and characters are integrated in a limited space, the proportional relationship must be coordinated, and it is also necessary to observe whether there are any conflicts between these patterns, which will cause the overall inconsistency of the picture.

What are the principles of packaging design

1. Meet customer requirements

All packaging plans must meet customer requirements. Without the consent of the customer, the relevant information must not be changed without permission. If there is a major problem with the customer's requirements, the customer can make a decision after communicating with the customer.

2. The principle of low cost

When planning the packaging, the cost should be low and the effect should be good. For example: if conditions permit, A can be used, but B is not needed, because the price of B is more expensive. There is no need to incur unnecessary costs.

3. Safety principles

When planning the packaging, it is necessary to fully consider the safety of the packaging materials for the protection of the body, so that the packaging will not fail due to external effects such as normal transportation, vibration, and load-carrying. For example: the main cartoon should be made of material higher than B: the heavy main cartoon must be made of B material; the packaging of electrical appliances, instruments and other products must be packaged with styrofoam to achieve the effect of slow vibration and stability, and the effect of fruit Interlayer absorbent paper is also required for transportation.

4. The principle of minimum size

In order to save transportation costs and achieve portability and easy handling, when planning packaging, it is necessary to consider the packaging method and try to use the smallest packaging volume.

5. The principle of easy installation and easy retrieval

When designing the packaging, it is necessary to consider that the operator is fast and smooth when packing and unpacking. Do not make it difficult for the operator to operate due to design defects, so the size should be appropriately increased on the basis.

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