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Where to Buy the 5 Pack Pre Roll Case

Cannabis packaging is a niche market that is booming. There are many options for cannabis packaging and all have their own pros and cons. One of the most popular types of cannabis packaging is the pre-roll case. These cases are made to hold five pre-rolled joints or one gram of marijuana each. The cases are usually made out of metal or wood and come in a variety of colors and shapes with some featuring intricate designs, like a gold leaf pattern on the outside or an engraved logo on top.

This article will be looking at where you can buy these cases, what they cost, and what they come with inside them.

1. White 5 Pack Pre Roll Case With Child Resistant Button

Key Features:

Paper materials

Recyclable and environmentally friendly

With child resistant function

Material of inner box can be customized

Logo can be customized

Customized size

Limited time discount 10%

Minimum order 1000

2. Black 5 Pack Pre Roll Case

Black 5 Pack Pre Roll Case Key Features:

From China, with stable production capacity

With child protection function

Turned edge box


Environmentally friendly and recyclable

3. Carboard 5 Pack Pre Roll Case

Carboard 5 Pack Pre Roll Case Key Features:

Drawer box

Art Paper

Accommodates 5 pre rolled cones

With child resistant function

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Insert optional

Box size can be customized

4. Pure Paper 5 Pack Pre Roll Case

Pure Paper 5 Pack Pre Roll Case Key Features:

100% paper box, no plastic, nothing else

Sturdy double copper paper

Child proof features

Pull-out box

Each box holds 5 pre-rolled splice or cigarettes

Can be customized

MOQ: 1000

5. 5 Pack Pre Roll Case With Different Options

5 Pack Pre Roll Case With Different Options Key Features:

Window optional

Child proof optional

Inside optional

Pull optional

The printed pattern can be customized

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