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Nashville's first cannabis restaurant set to open Thursday

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) - Tennessee's first cannabis restaurant - Buds
& Brews - officially opens in Germantown on Thursday.

Bar and Restaurant serves upscale, classic American cuisine with special

“You can get the chicken tenders and then order the THC ranch,” said Mike
Solomon, part owner of Buds & Brews.

The secret here is in the sauce.

"It's the spices that are infused. There are 25 of the most common
seasonings: ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing, and steak sauce," Solomon

Legal hemp-derived THC-injected spices, desserts and mocktails bring Buds & Brews to a unique height.

“Everything is 1-5 milligrams per serving and it's so small that you can try a lot,” says Soloman. "Beginners, beginners, or skilled cannabis people can enjoy split microdosing here."

Try smoky margaritas or bloody marijans to wash away your meals, or with a "pot tart" or stoner Cookies that can be combined to lock.

"We like stir-fried cannabis leaves and such fun things," laughed Solomon.

It's a craft cannabis product made entirely in Tennessee.

“We breed, grow and extract, then prescribe different retail products, different wholesale products and retail products,” said Solomon, founder of Craft Cannabis.

After spending nearly a decade in California on how to legally grow the highest quality cannabis, Solomon said he returned home and opened his own prison in Antioch. As of he is working with the restaurant industry to bring merchandise to your table.

"I'm excited to make my own footsteps and I'm teaming up with some great people to do that," co-owner Dalton Crow told News 2. The family owned 10 branches throughout central Tennessee, the first of its own.

"We want to talk to everyone. I want people to come and give them a chance."

Buds & Brews may be the first kind in Tennessee, but Solomon believes it's not the last.

"Cannabis affects all cultures and all people. It's one of the few things we can get together and get along with recently," he smiled.

Buds & Brews will officially open on August 20th.

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