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How to produce a cannabis packaging product sample?

Winstar is a professional packaging product manufacturing company with quality assurance by guaranteeing 100% handmade production during the processing of raw materials. The production time for one product is usually around 5-10 minutes and is supported by multiple sets of printing production equipment. If you have a need for packaging products, please contact us promptly.

What are our packaging types?

We can produce concentrate packaging, pre-roll packaging, tincture packaging, edible packaging, child-resistant packaging and a variety of other packaging products that you need to customize. Simply contact us in advance on our website or other social media, send us the specifications, samples and materials you need, and we will customize a product to your satisfaction.

What is the size of our factory?

The total number of factory employees is about 70, including 40-50 workshop production employees. We have perfect production lines and various quality testing departments to ensure the quality of the products you need.

Why choose us for your cannabis business?

We are mainly responsible for the design and production of 420 packaging, we have a special design department to provide you with the optimal solution for product design, at the same time we have the patent of child lock anti-pull-out design packaging, you can rest assured that your needs to tell us, after we receive your message, we will discuss and carry out meetings as soon as possible, and our design and ideas back to you, to meet your production design needs to the maximum extent.

Part of the cannabis packaging products show

cannabis packaging

cannabis packaging

cannabis packaging

cannabis packaging

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