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Analysis of 5 Types of Carton Packaging Structure

The decoration of commodity packaging cannot be separated from the container of packaging. The modeling and structural design of packaging is an important part of commodity packaging. The packaging of commodities is mainly divided into transportation packaging and sales packaging. Sales packaging is a packaging that meets and uses directly with consumers. Its shape and structural design should meet the requirements of "scientific, beautiful and marketable". In the design, we should not only consider the aesthetic problems of modeling and decoration, but also consider the scientific and reasonable problems of structure. Excellent packaging modeling and structural design can not only accommodate and protect commodities, beautify commodities and promote the sales of commodities, but also be easy to carry, use, exhibition and transportation.

At present, the commonly used packaging materials include paper, plastic, ceramics, glass, bamboo, wood, metal and various composite materials. In particular, carton packaging is the most widely used of all kinds of packaging materials. It is light and flexible, easy to make, print, display, transport, inventory and processing, and low price. It is widely used for protecting all kinds of goods.

Classification of carton packaging

Carton packaging can be divided into three categories according to the basic form: folding carton is called folding box; Non folding carton; After processing, compounding and gluing, the paper is made into a container that can hold liquid, which is collectively referred to as flexible packaging carton.

Among them, folding carton is the most widely used in commodity packaging, and its structure has the following basic types

① Lid and flap cartons.

They are pressed with tangents on the box surface according to different graphics, and the box cover can be opened to see both the goods and the decorative graphics, words and trademarks on the box surface. Its advantages are convenient to open, easy to take out the goods, and convenient to display and publicize the goods.


② Windowed carton.

There are three forms of windowed cartons: local windowing, transparent lid and multi-faceted transparency. Generally, it is used in combination with transparent plastic sheets, and the goods are displayed in the window opening part, which is convenient for consumers to choose and buy.

Windowed carton

③ Portable carton.

Some commodity packages are large in volume. In order to facilitate customers' carrying, a handle is added to the carton, which is designed to be foldable as far as possible, so that it can be easily transported and does not occupy too much area.

Portable carton

④ Shaped carton.

Special shaped cartons mainly have triangle, Pentagon, diamond, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylindrical, semicircular, book and other forms. The structure of this carton is a packaging shape presented by the alternating combination of arc, straight-line cutting and surface. The advantages of special-shaped cartons are novel and beautiful.

Shaped carton

⑤ Special structure carton.

It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton, or add an accessory, so that powdery, granular, blocky or liquid goods can be poured out for use. The carton structure can be diversified. For the convenience of consumers, corresponding special designs can be made according to different uses of commodities.


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