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Best Pre-roll Machines for Beginners in 2022 - Reviews and Guide

Pre-roll machines are a great way for beginners to start rolling their own cigarettes. They are an efficient and time-saving option that will help you get started with rolling your own cigarettes.

You should always read the reviews before buying a pre-roll machine to make sure you find the best one for your needs.

The 5 Best Pre-roll Machines and Why They are the Best

Rolling machines are common in the cannabis industry and they are used to roll joints. Rolling machines can be manual or electric, but they all have the same function.

  1. BlueBus ORION Cone Loader for king Size Pre Roll Cones

    This is a great cone loader, it's very easy to put together, Very well made, and very easy to use. It'll take you a few cones till you find that sweet spot but once you do you'll have no problem rolling cones quick.

    This was easier than I thought. If you just follow the directions and first drop in the metal cone, drop your cone inside and then drop the little black lid in, then you just pack it as you go. Nothing spills and had an easy clean up; they came out perfect. This is an awesome device and a big timesaver. I no longer have to fill my cone a little at a time and worry about tearing the paper.

    It looks cool and is well designed. I like the magnetic attachable tool holder. It's very much intended for use with larger cones. I mean I should have realized this as it says king size in the title, but I guess I overlooked that. I think it would be better if there were different metal cones to accommodate variety of sizes of paper cones. If you try to use it with paper cones that are too small, you'll end up just crushing the sides of the cone and it won't work.Ironically, I really ended up just using one of the metal funnels and the packing tool included more often than the whole tray. Pop the funnel in the end of a paper cone, pack the cone with packing tool over top of a flat sheet of paper, then fold the paper over to pour the crumbs back into your grinder. It seemed just as quick and easy as using the whole setup, but that is probably due to the fact that the cones I had were too small.

    BlueBus ORION Cone Loader for king Size Pre Roll Cones

  2. Buddies Bump Box Filler for King Size

    Great for your cave or for informal events where you wouldn’t want to to be actually packing or rolling when you should be entertaining. Great conversation piece and time management tool. Pack/fill up to 72 cones at same time! Surely ur probably not goin to fill and smoke 72 cones and that’s why I created a hexagonal template with an area cut out for 20 cones. Made the stencil out of cork board. Works great!

    Buddies Bump Box Filler for King Size

  3. RAW Six Shooter for King Size Cones

    Item is pretty easy to use. Takes a few time to learn how much to start with and how it will pack all the way to the tip. So far I really like this and has saved time and dropped loads on the floor from loose packs. The only thing I have found is you really should start a 1/4 to 1/2 inch load first and do a stick pack so the small end down at the tip gets packed tight since the first few I did they were a little floppy right at the tip, if you roll them you know what I am talking about. Overall I give this a five star due to the really cool factor of being able to pre-roll 3 or 6 at one time. Take your time learning how you want it and you will learn to love it.

    RAW Six Shooter for King Size Cones

  4. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

    This is great for producing my own normal looking cigarettes but using much cheaper tobacco. I don't like having to roll a cigarette or using cigarette papers. Using the rizla roll you own filter tubes and gold leaf tobacco my weekly tobacco spend is massively reduced and the taste is better, in my opinion. Far less chemically tasting and more like cigarettes used to taste in the 70s and 80s. The tobacco needs to be quite dry to stop in from clogging the filler mechanism, but now I have found the perfect level of moisture in the tobacco as I let it dry out slightly in a large cake tin for week before using it. A quite expensive purchase but has sped up the whole process so I can now make 100 or so cigarettes and put them in older packets or a metal packet and keep some "in stock" ready for the week ahead. Hope you enjoy using this as much as I have.

  5. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

  6. RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

    A little flawed, but with a bit of effort, not too bad.With a bit of reading and some other reviews, Ive figured out the perfect way to do this.

    step 1 - Pre-stuff your cone with your herb of choice - just the smallest bit because the filler doesnt reach the very bottom of the cone

    step 2 - Take the white plastic loader piece off of the filler and put onto the cone. Make sure to push it on as far as it will go without ripping the paper. It should cover MOST of the plastic.

    step 3 - reattach and load the filler - do not overstuff, but at this point, it doesnt matter too much

    step 4 - Use filler as normal. Shut top and slide slowly and it should fill the cone. Slider back and stuff the end with whatever is left.

    step 5 - Remove cone from white plastic piece and close up. Enjoy cone!

    It seems a bit more hassle and of course, it is slightly more work, but i find packing the cone at the middle is the hardest and most time consuming part - with loading and packing and loading and packing. This filler eliminates that whole section, and for the 15seconds it takes me to pre-stuff a cone, I can load it way quicker than by hand.The tool works pretty well too. The cones I was able to fill using this roller were between 1-1.2g. Not as stuffed as my hand rolls, but definitely quicker.

    RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

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