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Top 10 Cannabis Packaging Companies in 2022

In recent years, medical cannabis and cannabis business have become more popular. The main reasons for this are the steps taken to legalize cannabis, particularly in pharmacies, and its use for recreational purposes. In this regard, the best cannabis packaging companies are also developing rapidly to meet the growing needs of enterprises and consumers.

And this trend will not change, which will undoubtedly lead to the real prosperity of canna business. In addition to growers and sellers, this segment also needs experts such as lawyers and recruiters. More importantly, there is a large demand for cannabis packaging companies, because any enterprise needs packaging products and appropriate brands. If you work in a niche market, it is always worth knowing the key companies that can provide high-quality and attractive packaging for your products. Therefore, here is the top company to be considered.

1. Marijuana Packaging

Location: 3389 E 50th St, Vernon, CA 90058, United States

Founded in: 2014

Revenue: $15 to $24.99 Million of revenue per year


This venue is one of the most popular choices when canna enterprises need to provide high-quality packaging for your products. The website is very convenient. You can see from the home page that there are many kinds of packages available:

Joints and blunt tubes,

Capsule bottle,

Electronic cigarette cartridge,

Food containers, etc

Cannabis packaging companies provide services for cigarette stores, head offices and electronic cigarette product stores. In addition to trying to provide a wide range of packaging options for the different customers they serve, the company also provides customized brand services. Because of this, marijuana enterprises can benefit from the boost ensured by the marketability and credibility of their products. The company offers the best commercial terms and affordable prices, and free delivery for orders over $250.

2. Kush Supply Co.

Location: Headquarters in Garden Grove, CA, United States

Founded in: 2010

Revenue: It generates $3.87 million in sales


The company is also a well-known brand in hemp packaging enterprises. It has comprehensive service points in Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada and Massachusetts. Because of the location of the representative office, the company can quickly provide services to customers throughout the United States.

Kush Supply Co. provides packaging for medical and food grade cannabis products. One of the characteristics of the company is that the packaging conforms to legal standards and is environmentally friendly. The range of packaging options offered includes items for the following products:

flowers and plants,

Concentrates and edible products,

Pre roll ads and any other content your business may need.

3. Grow Cargo

Location: 4900 E Pacific Pl, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Founded in: 2014

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million


This is another great company on the list. The customer service center is located in the United States, and Grow Cargo can provide you with orders of more than $150 for free. Thanks to Grow Cargo's packaging and brand promotion, it has become a recognized canna business brand. If the sustainability of your business is critical to you, look for environmental options you can choose.

4. Cannabis Promotions

Location: PO Box 842, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33731, United States

Founded in: n/a

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million


In the B2B hemp packaging service market, this enterprise is absolutely a leader. No matter what you are looking for, roll paper, brand lighters, custom branded products or packaging, it is one of the custom hemp packaging companies and the right place to buy all these products.

Thanks to the developed distribution channels throughout the United States, the company ensures that customers receive orders in a timely manner. Therefore, if you don't want to worry about the complex delivery process and want to get it quickly, Cannabis Promotions is your one-stop shop.

It has a unique function that not every company can boast about. The enterprise provides free samples so that customers can know what they will get from the order. The company is definitely worth your attention.

5. FunkSac, LLC

Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Founded in: 2013

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million


If you are looking for a trusted packaging company, please check FunkSac. It is also possible to order this group of samples. So, you won't buy a pig at random. Cannabis packaging provided complies with the law, including (but not limited to):

Lockable sacks,

Curing and storage bags for cannabis cultivation,

Customized package, etc

In addition, the packaging provided by the company will help protect the safety of cannabis products, while the end users may not have to worry about the safety of children, because there are child protection options available. Thanks to the safe and formal brand packaging for your cannabis business, you can enjoy the safety of the product and the gratitude of customers. This is especially important if you are looking for a wholesale weed packaging company.

6. 420 Packaging

Location:No.42 Baoye Road, Zhangkengjing, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, GD, China

Founded in: 2006

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million


The company is an experienced participant in the cannabis product packaging market. Check the home page and you will immediately see the impressive range of products offered:

Plastic and glass containers packaging,

Concentrate containers packaging,

Zipper bag,

Pre-roll paper packaging,

And additional necessities.

The diversity of colors and styles enables each customer of the packaging company to order unique products matching the brand. In addition, all packaging complies with the regulations of the states in the country, so customers do not have to worry about the legitimacy of their business.

Using your brand to obtain customized packaging is not only convenient and fast, but also safe (considering the availability of child protection options) and reasonable in price, because the price of 420 Packaging is reasonable, especially if you are a bulk buyer.

7. Dymapak

Location: It headquartered in New Jersey

Founded in: 2010

Revenue: The Revenue is $4.00 Million


Although the company is unable to provide such a wide range of packaging products as other enterprises on the list, Dymapak focuses on a narrow niche market, providing safe, child protection, certification and laboratory testing packaging for cannabis and other medical products. Their products are manufactured in accordance with all industry legal standards and are durable and odor resistant. Even if you are looking for custom packaging, make sure you meet all the requirements for packaging cannabis products.

Pay attention to the best selling products:

Safety bag: This is a child proof bag, which allows your customers to store fresh and safe marijuana without damage;

Twistspenser: It is the packaging of liquid hemp products, and is also famous for its safety, effectiveness and child safety.

8. Pollen Gear

Location: 601 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, United States

Founded in: 2016

Revenue: The Revenue is $8.00 Million


If you are looking for quality packaging for your hemp business, please pay attention to Pollen Gear. A wide range of customizable options will set your brand apart from the competition. Well, this uniqueness and customization of your brand requires more investment, but you will see that they will be rewarded.

The quality and durability of Pollen Gear products have been proven by many satisfied customers. Therefore, if the robustness and reliability of the packaging is your top priority, the company is the right choice for your cannabis business and the high-quality customers you serve.

9. Shatter Labels

Location: It is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Founded in: n/a

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million


It is not only a packaging enterprise, but also a marketing enterprise. First of all, the range of packaging options is really impressive:

Strong cans and pipes,

Electronic cigarette holder,

Pre rolled joint box,

There are more options for syringe packaging.

In addition, the company will help you improve the brand awareness, thanks to a series of products of your brand, which you can also order from Shatter Labels. With the right brand, customized snapbacks, pins, and stickers will help you promote.

More importantly, start-ups or enterprises seeking to reinvent their brands can take advantage of their unique benefits. For orders over $245, each customer can get a free logo design. Check the portfolio available on the official website. Your business will undoubtedly benefit from working with Shatter Labels.

10. N2 Packaging

Location: 510 2nd Ave S, Twin Falls, ID 83301, United States

Founded in: 2013

Revenue: The revenue is <$1 Million


It is one of the hemp packaging companies that provide high-quality packaging for your enterprise. The following are the main highlights:

The freshness and effectiveness of cannabis during storage and transportation in packaging are the company's top priorities. Laboratory tests have shown that the taste and freshness of marijuana remain in the packaging.

The company complies with all legal requirements in the manufacturing process.

The products in the package are sealed, not affected by the atmosphere, tasteless, and completely suitable for children.

Packaging is environmentally friendly, so you can meet the packaging needs of even conscious customers and your customers.

Customized, branded, safe and reliable packaging for your cannabis business is the main focus of N2 Packaging.

Final Words

Packaging is not only important for preserving the products you sell. This is your brand recognition and customer loyalty. Therefore, according to your business needs, check which of the above companies' packaging solutions can meet your expectations.

It is also important that the packaging meets the legal requirements of the state in which you operate so that there will be no problems in the future. Make sure you choose the right partner to package your products and benefit from this cooperation.

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