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What other service we can provide?

Winstar not only your business partner,but we are your friends as well!

We always do our best to develop together with you!

Child resistant packaging produce it is our main strength,looking for paper packaging box supplier you are in right place.

Design Service: Winstar cannabis packaging solution also provide of design service, when customer have just an idea or have the exact item to pack, we will work together to fulfill your dream.

Resource Service: Winstar as a factory located in Shenzhen City more than 15yrs, are neighborhood with tremendous of Raw material and Finish products, we can help your needs to make procurement or suggest the suitable supplier.

Audit Service: With the Pandemic restriction, many customer was limited to travel over to check the factory/products himself, Winstar as a friend of you, could help check out with your instruction.

Assembly Service: We have the clear workshop, which can help assembly customer’s finish products to our package, or we can delivery our package to your supplier facility as you want.

Co-Ordinate Service: With more than 15yrs in export business, we have the sophisticated cooperation forwarders to handle Express(DHL/UPS/Fedex etc)/Air shipment/Sea shipment/Train shipment etc, if you have any other cargo would like to ship together or need to arrange separated, we are please to help. Cost saving to ship with Postal or Multi logistics available as well.

Any more you want us to help, just let us know!

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