Aqueous Coating

420 Packaging provides water-based coatings on paper printed boxes, corrugated cardboard printed boxes and customized paper bags.

Glossy Aqueous Coating

Similar to the gloss finish, the gloss AQ coating gives the custom paper box a glossy, glossy and smooth look.

Gloss AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

Gloss AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

Matte Aqueous Coating

The matte AQ coating gives the paper printed box a matte look on the outside. Like a matte finish, it softens and flattens the image a bit and adds a touch of luxury.

matte AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

Matte AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

The matte black corrugated printed box is covered with a soft-touch water-based coating, with high-gloss spot UV applied to specific areas such as the radio itself and the sides of the box.

Aqueous coating, AQ coating, is a water-based coating applied to the printing surface of the paper printing box. Like a varnish coating, it protects the printed surface from abrasion during rough handling, shipping and distribution.

AQ coatings are typically applied to the entire printed surface of the box and provide better protection than gloss varnish coatings. Spot AQ coatings are less common than spot UV coatings due to their higher cost and lower ink sharpness. Aqueous coatings are commonly used in retail packaging, electronics packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

Characteristics of AQ coating

Water-based paint dries instantly on the production line. On the one hand, it reduces turnaround time, making it ideal for short-run printing. On the other hand, conventional coating dries instantly, so there is no damage to the print during the drying process. Water-based coatings help hide surface imperfections and roughness in blank areas of cheap paper.

In addition to pressure protection, water-based coatings also have some special properties. Environmentally friendly than painting.

Resistant to yellowing. Years later, the color print on the surface of the box remains vibrant and stunning.

Fast drying for short production lead times.

AQ coatings or varnishes are widely used on litho-laminated E-flute corrugated boxes and corrugated mail boxes. Gives individual paper boxes a glossy or matte look.

Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Printing & Finish

With our high-end equipment, the following printing and surface treatment options can make your cannabis packaging box stand out in the market.

Printing Options

Finish Options

Paper Box Design

We can provide free dieline templates for various common mariguana packaging box styles to place your artwork.

Paper Material Options

If you need to customize paper for your customized hemp packaging box, we provide various paper material options to meet your packaging needs.

Inserts and Accessories

At 420 packaging, various plug-ins and accessories can meet your hemp packaging needs, such as plastic handles, PVC, pet plastic windows, sleeves, thermoformed trays, EVA foam, blisters, molded pulp, etc.

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