Folding Paper Boxes

A folding paper box, folding paper tray, or folding carton is a specially customized paper box made from 350 gsm SBS C1S board. A lightweight packaging box for chocolates, gifts and other products. This type of printed paper box is very cheap as it is a simple die-cut paper box. Can be flat packed and shipped. Workers can then assemble the boxes on the production line when they reach their destination. A typical foldable paper box is a paper box with a lift-off lid. Much cheaper compared to rigid boxes with removable lids.

Diecut Folding Paper Box

Diecut Folding Paper Box

Folding paper box made of the SBS C1S paperboard, diecut paper box, lift off lid paper box.

Folding Paper Box Tray


Die cut folding Lift off lid paper box, folding paper tray, die cut paper box.

Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Printing & Finish

With our high-end equipment, the following printing and surface treatment options can make your cannabis packaging box stand out in the market.

Printing Options

Finish Options

Paper Box Design

We can provide free dieline templates for various common mariguana packaging box styles to place your artwork.

Paper Material Options

If you need to customize paper for your customized hemp packaging box, we provide various paper material options to meet your packaging needs.

Inserts and Accessories

At 420 packaging, various plug-ins and accessories can meet your hemp packaging needs, such as plastic handles, PVC, pet plastic windows, sleeves, thermoformed trays, EVA foam, blisters, molded pulp, etc.

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